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Friday, October 20, 2006

Chapter 4: Before the Storm

Chapter 4: Before the Storm


Gocchin bolted awake. “I’m up! I’m up!” she yelled.

Nobody answered. She looked around the room in a daze. The doorbell rang again, this time with more force.

Slipping on a pair of pants and a loose, unbuttoned shirt over her underwear, she shuffled out of the bedroom and to the door. She swung open the door, and in, bounced Yossie.

“Yossie?” Maki called, her eyes following the girl dancing her way to the kitchen.

“Gottsan!!” the Momusu leader skipped over and lifted her best friend up in the air. They spun around for quite some time, with Goto swearing as her head grazed the ceiling.

“Let me down!” she shouted, shielding herself from the ceiling overhead.

“If you had anything to do with what happened last night, I love you!” Yossie cried, dropping the girl to the floor.

“And what are you doing at Rika’s place, hm…?” she smirked, temporary mischief replacing the joy.


“Have a little party of your own, last night?”

Yoshizawa had been facing the brunt of Maki’s jokes ever since she told her best friend about her crush. ‘Payback time!’ Yossie thought, evilly.

“Sleep in late last night?” she pressed on, making Goto turn redder and redder.

“Look, why are you here?”

“I need some help. With some after-work stuff.” Hitomi peered over the soloist’s shoulder.

Gottsan’s raised an eyebrow. “Mikitty?”

“Ok, since when did my personal life get posted on a giant billboard for everyone to see?”

Her best friend replied with shrug.

Huffing, she walked past Maki and pushed open the bedroom door.

Rika-chan…?” Yossie called in a quiet, singsong voice. She slipped into the room, carefully avoiding the mess of clothes sprawled over the floor.

‘No one has to guess what happened here, last night…’ she thought, taking in the pink room’s condition. The usual neat and clean room of Hello Projects’ known cutey had been savagely turned into a monkey’s playground. The floor was littered with objects that more then likely, fell or were knocked off shelves and tables. Rika’s stuffed toys, which usually sat on her inflatable comfy chair, were thrown, mercilessly, around the room. Yossie even saw one of her old birthday presents flattened by a black leather outfit. Bending over to rescue her bunny plushie, she gave a small glance at the black piece of clothing, before realizing, fully, what it was.

‘Oh my god…Maki, you lucky, lucky fiend…’ she screamed in her head, while picking up the leather material.

At that moment, Gocchin entered the room about to drag the intruder outside, until she saw what her best friend was holding.

“Oh, shit…” Goto blurted out loud. Yossie’s pale face turned to the doorway, her eyes still fixated on the thing she was gripping.

“So…” Yossie snorted, “Should I be expecting a giant pink yo-yo, or something?”

Within seconds, she was knocked off her feet, landing softly on the bed. It groaned as another person leapt on, and before the Morning Musume leader could react, barrages of stuffed toys were attacking her face. She couldn’t defend herself against the relentless wave of bunnies and teddy bears.


A sleepy voice silenced their rough-hosing and the lump beside Yossie stirred. Raising herself from the covers, Ishikawa rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Maki immediately crawled beside her girlfriend, kissing her forehead.

“Good morning…”

Hitomi patted Rika’s head, greeting her with a ‘good morning’. If she had landed any closer to the sleeping lump, she would’ve squashed her flat.

“Hm…? Yossie? What are you doing here…?”

“Ah…” A tint of red flashed on Yoshizawa’s cheeks. “I’m taking Miki out for coffee later, and I sorta need your help…”

It took Rika a few seconds to remember what had happened the night before and then she nodded. “Let me take a shower and get dressed first. Then, we’ll talk.”

Yossie checked her watch. “It’s 11:30. I have rehearsals with Momusu in 3 hours, and then I’m taking her out.”

“You would think we’d get a break after a party, but noooo…” Gocchin rested her head on Rika’s lap, yawning widely. “I have dance the whole day…” she groaned, not particularly thrilled about grueling hours of dancing practive.”

“Uhm… Lucky you.” Rika said soothingly, petting the top of her girlfriend’s hair. She then returned attention to Yossie. “We have plenty of time. You get ready, and meet me at the front of the Up!Front building in about an hour.”

She mouthed a ‘thanks’ and left, closing the apartment door with a soft click. Rika peeked at a nearby clock.


She started to get up, gently lifting Gottsan’s brunette hair. The younger girl whined and clung tighter to her lap, reluctant to leave her comfortable cushion.

“Maki, let go.”


“Can we do this later? I have to get ready?” Rika felt around the floor with her foot, looking for her slippers. Recognizing the soft cotton, she slipped them on.

When Goto still refused to move, she bent her head lower and lower until she was level with the girl’s closed eyes.


Gocchin opened her eyes, once she felt a peck on her nose. Rika’s warm gaze locked with hers as the she sat up.

Without thinking, Maki lunged forward, lips meeting in a furious exchange.

Rika broke away, panting heavily. “Yossie…have to…get ready…”

“Later…” Gottsan muttered as she ripped off the girl’s pajamas.

While they were busy, a cell phone vibrated in the background, going unnoticed by the couple.

A lonely figure stood outside a door, holding her cellphone to her ear. She rang the doorbell several times, each time with no response. Hanging up, she called another number and as she listened to the ring tone, a telephone rang from within the apartment. Just as she was about to end the call, the answering machine picked up.

“Hi! You have reached Gocchin’s machine! Sorry, I’m not available at the moment, but if you leave a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!”


“Hi, Gocchin? It’s Ayaya… Listen, I need to talk to you. Call me back, ok?”

Ah...what does Ayaya want? Btw, the thing that Yossie was holding was Rika's sexy Sukeban Deka outfit.

Personal note: ugh... lately i havent been sleeping too well...i would sleep while working on my homework then i would nap for 5 hours with the lights on, so my eyes been sore. o well


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