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Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Than Friends, Less than Love / Ch. 2: A Talk between Friends

Chapter 2: Talk between Friends

“Mikitty?” Yossie called, sticking her head in the bathroom. It was empty, answering her question, and she moved away from the door. Slipping back into the party room, she was about to look for Gocchin when someone collided into her bank.

“Ah! Sorry, Yoshizawa-san!” Ai-chan rubbed the bump on her head and bowed apologetically to her senior. “I was just heading to the bathroom.” She said.

“It’s all right.” Yossie waved off the apology. “Listen, have you seen Fujimoto anywhere?”

The younger girl thought for a minute before turning around and pointing towards the dance floor. Following Ai-chan’s finger, Hitomi’s gaze fixed on the small crowd of dancing girls. Spotting Miki, she took a step forward, leaving Takahashi to continue her trip to the washroom.

“Miki-“ She froze. Another person had entered her line of vision. They were both laughing, holding each other’s hands and enjoying themselves.

Hands clenched, Yossie excused herself and walked out to the hallway.

‘Had I been too late?’

The breeze gently blew at her short hair. Neon lights shone from below and the sound of cars rumbled.

‘No.’ Hands gripped the railing. ‘No… they’re just friends. Best friends. Of course they would be having a lot of fun.’

‘That’s what you said about Rika…And it caused you so much misery…’ A nasty voice in her head reminded. ‘They’re all friends, but you never know if there’s something more.’

Yossie took another draw from her can of coke. “Where’s Maki when you need her…I need her stupid ‘know-it-all’ opinion…”

Back in the day, Maki and Yossie were inseparable. Both players in their own right and very attractive to both sexes. While Yossie had continued her streak of one-night stands, Gottsan settled down with a friend and started dating. At first, it was a battle of wits and getting Gocchin to break down her cold barrier, but eventually, with Yoshizawa’s help, their relationship had lasted for a year and it was still going strong.


A voice called out behind her. The birthday girl stood in her pink outfit, her face full of surprise.

“Did not expect you to be here. Why aren’t you inside?”

Hitomi’s eyes lowered to the ground. “”Just wanted some fresh air.” She answered, twirling the can in her hand.

Frowning, Rika put a hand on Yossie’s arm. “Is there something wrong?”

She couldn’t lie to her. They had been close friends ever since entering Morning Musume and each had developed a sixth sense for each other.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately…”

“About you and Mikitty?” Rika spoke up. Yossie raised her eyebrow. “Gocchin told me.” She said, answering the younger girl’s confusion.

“Well, we’ve been hanging out a lot and I’ve been thinking of asking her out, but…”

“Ayaya.” the older girl finished the sentence with a sigh, “and now you have no idea whether she has a thing with Fujimoto.”


“And it’s really hard because they’re best friends and always do things that make it really difficult to tell whether or not they are in a relationship.”

Another nod.

Rika leaned on the balcony railing, thinking hard about what she should say next. As she was blankly staring at the night sky, Yossie changed her gaze towards her best friend. She had just turned 22 and had still managed to stay the same way she was back in 2000. She remembered how hard it was to give up on a beautiful girl like Rika when she got together with someone else. It was the first time she had been dumped and felt it sting whenever the memories of the rejection rang through her head.


‘Didn’t you used to call me Hitomi-chan?’


‘Nobody’s called me that in years…’


The futsul captain snapped out of her daze. “Huh?”

“I said that I don’t have much advice about this sort of stuff, but I guess, for the moment, ignore all that ‘more than friends’ Ayaya stuff and concentrate on just being with her…”

Silence fell between the two.

“Shut up. I’m not as good at this as Maki is…but right now…I will give you an opportunity.”

“What?” the younger girl narrowed her eyes.

“I will ask the DJ to play a slow song. And you will ask her to dance!” Rika grinned and strolled off to the party.

“Wait, no!” Yossie clutched her hair, moaning in frustration. “Definitely should’ve talked to Maki…” she muttered, reluctantly trailing after Ishikawa.

Dum Dum Dum…what will happen next?

Friday, September 15, 2006

More then Friends, Less then Love/ Chapter 1: Doubt

January 19th.

It was almost past 10 when the H!P kids left the party and now only the elder members were remaining. The alcohol had been brought out and more exotic music was being played by the DJ.

Yossie sat in her seat, sipping a martini. She watched her two best friends dancing together slowly on the floor. Feeling a little lonely, she looked around for Miki. “I’ll ask her for a dance…” Yossie thought, her eyes searching the tables. With no result, she walked over to Hello! Project’s oldest member.

“Nakazawa-san?” she lightly shook the half-conscious figure sprawled on three chairs and brushed away a few beer bottles that surrounded her sempai.


A hand shot up and grabbed Yossie by the collar.

“What?” Yuko snarled, bringing the terrifying girl up to her face.

“N-N-Nothing…it’s just…have you seen..-”

A horrible stench of alcohol drifted into Yoshizawa’s sense of smell, halting her question immediately.

“You know what? Never mind. I’ll ask someone else.” She said, yanking her collar from Nakazawa’s tight grip.

“Idiot.” Hello! Project’s big sister muttered and slumped back down to doze off.

Miki was getting frustrated. She had been hoping Yossie would ask her to dance and after 4 hours of waiting and reluctantly getting up to dance with other people, her irritation level was about to explode. Most of the members of the party were either drunk, dancing, unconscious or had left. It was quite amusing to see Koharu and Sayu compete in a drunken arm wrestling battle, which resulted in the two getting knocked out.

As for the birthday girl, Miki had barely seen her, only during Trance Charmy’s performance and also during some of the dances throughout the night. Miki’s jealousy sparked as she remembered Rika having a dance with Yossie, but kept it low-key. It was Rika’s birthday and besides, she knew Rika was already with someone else.

‘Yossie isn’t.’ she reminded herself.

“Miki-tan?” Ayaya tapped her shoulder from behind. Spinning around, she saw her best friend wearing a small blue jacket. “I have to leave soon…will you be my last dance?” Ayaya pleaded, offering her hand.

Miki hesitated, giving an uneasy glance towards the tables, but finally took her hand. Aya pulled her to the floor, the two swaying to the song’s rhythm. As the music quicken, Miki’s nervousness melted away as she began to enjoy the moment, laughing along with her best friend as they danced together along with the other members on the floor.

They were having so much fun that one of them didn't notice a particular girl walk silently out of the room.

How was it? It's my first time making a fic for something other then anime. I haven't done one in a while, so sorry if it really sucks. Please comment. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


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